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18 January 1978
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Special thanks goes out to all of my friends...

10,000 Comments Received, August 1, 2003.
Thanks to either prettytwisted, italianangel78, or 3484, who all made a comment right around the time the 10,000th comment was left!!

****************IMPORTANT INFO********************

As of Thursday, August 22, 2002 this journal has gone into friends only mode due to the immaturatity of some people. I will be happy to add anyone as a friend so you can read it (there is a good idea of what it is like that isn't friends only)... I'm sorry for having to do this... I really didn't want to... but, I had no choice really :-/
So.. add me and I will add you, or, reply to the last post I posted publically and I will add you..

Sorry again!

****************END IMPORTANT INFO****************

Well... My name is Don, I am from Syracuse, NY... 30 years old... own my own house in the city... Deeply in love and committed to the most wonderful girl in the world...... So, if you are looking, too bad, don't bother contacting me cause I'll prolly ignore talk to you.. lol

I am a professional (not saying here.. if you wanna know what, im, e-mail, or read my journal...)

ummm...yeah.... hey, if you want to know anything, the only way you are gonna get to know it, is to ask... so, just e-mail me or IM me.. i'll be happy to talk to ya!!
I'm like an open book... you ask, I tell....

You may want to check out my myspace page cause that is waaaay more up to date with pictures and blogs and stuff like that.... www.myspace.com/susukino

I am now the maintainer/creator for these communities!... well.. was... I have not been around on LJ for a little while...
---- so please join if you want!!

rotexgroup (my own)
sextipsii (my own)
votebush2004 (my own)
giuliani2008 (my own)

FANSIGNS!! and Reviews!!


"An essential part of any honorable friends page."
--persiphany... oh, and here is your top back ;-)

Don is cute. I will keep him forever. :D



Don is the biggest sweetheart I've ever known. He's caring, understanding and always there....even to be a smartass when you really just need to smile. lol He's an awesome friend though and anyone that he's friends with and talks to is lucky and that much better of a person for knowing him.

Two thumbs and a toe tag up.

Don likes hugs. Don loves hugs. Don is very huggable. Go give Don a hug.

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