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Lazy Lazy Wednesday

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May. 2nd, 2001 | 12:22 pm
mood: happyhappy

Well... Another day off and another day of doing nothing..
I did my laundry... That was fun filled and exciting (not)
I got to talk to Grace today for the first time in a long time... She seems to be going good as well as the kids... Which is good cause I worry about their well being... There are many times that I wish that things went well with her... If that was the case I would prolly be in Louisiana working down there... It always seems like once things are going really well, I do something to put a stop to the happiness for the both of us.. It has happened more than 3 times now and I'm hoping to be able to give it one last try... A last try cause I am going to strive to make it work ot this time.. I know deep down that I love her more than anything in the world...
Living with my roommate though is telling me a lot.. See.. I know that when I lived on my own my place was not very clean... My friends told me that...
But since I moved in with him I have made an honest effort to keep things clean... Just like they were at home when I lived there.. AND IT STILL ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH! I feel like I am living at home, just stricter...
It makes me wonder... Would things be like that if I was living with Grace?
Part of me wants to say yes, but part of me wants to say no.. Yes because she would kick my ass if it wasn;t her way.. and no cause people just don't live in meuseums... (not to mention the fact there there would be 2 kids.. can;t live in a mueseum with 2 kids :-))
Anyways.. thats enough for now... I'll prolly write more in this later...
Not like anyone sees it or anything :-)

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