Don (shoshiki) wrote,

The Grammys

OK.. let's just start by saying that last night proved without a shadow of a doubt that they are a complete joke...
The Dixie Chicks winning best Country? OK.. that is a joke for WAY too many reasons.. First off, lets take a look at who they were up against.. It made no sense! There was no Toby Keith, no brooks and Dunn, no Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, etc... All of these people who are actually popular in country music had albums in this past year and were not even nominated... Instead they throw Dixie Chicks in there with a couple people (Willie Nelson?? what??) who are not all that great so that they can get a win as best country album? What gets me though is that their song was the best song of the year?

I'm sorry.. The Dixie Chicks are not a great group.. The only reason.. Let me say that again.. the ONLY reason they are even as popular as they are is simply because of their big mouths badmouthing the US in another country... Which is exactly the reason true country music fans do NOT like them... Heck, other than countdowns, I can't even remember the last time I heard them on a country music station...
So why are they grouped as country? Because... It's a category they can easily win... It puts them up there on stage and gives them a mic cause people know they will say something...

Back tot he Grammys though... The fact that "the academy" chose these idiots to win so many awards just goes to show that politics can run or ruin anything... My take on it? A bunch of academy members are big time demos who hate Bush and therefore voted for the Dixie Chicks to win a bunch of awards... Cause, you know, everyone likes them and they are so great..

News flash.. They suck. The song that everyone is raving about was written in response to... well.. Everyone's turning their back on them cause of what they said in Europe about our country... and as they say in the song, they ar enot ready to apologize... so... fuck them.. and hopefully, next year, the grammy's will be more enjoyable than watching the 11,000 members of the academy voicing their political adgendas....
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