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Sep. 6th, 2005 | 12:23 am

I had so much fun the first time, I HAD to do it again....

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) What would you do if you found out bunny_of_steele has a crush on you? I'd be like.. umm.. aren't you supposed to be getting married?
2) Is blackrose48 dead sexy? I would have to go with yes on that one :-D
3) What is kardiastar's favorite color? Hmmm.. Purple??
4) What rank would dyonia have in a giant robot army? She would be in charge.. without a doubt...
5) Is spydrei 1337? Sure
6) Is soul_incognito an emo? Naw, i don't think so
7) Is babygirl42399 your best friend? Actually, yes.. yes she is... just about everything...
8) Do jiltedqueen and nighthawkal go to the same school? Nope, don't think so...
9) Does _sweetmisery_ travel a lot? Eh, sometimes
10) Does tiffrobyn have a dog? I don't think she does?
11) How long would nighthawkal dating tiffrobyn last? Hmm.. might be a match made in heaven.
12) What song/movie would you recommend to afrodite79? My Girl (just cause it makes me cry)
13) Would you make out with spydrei? Sure why not?
14) What exotic animal would somethingumist like as a pet? snake
15) What planet should skeye19 be from? Venus? Cause.. women are from venus?
16) What would yuenglingrrl147 do differently in your shoes? Be happier.
17) One quality you find attractive in xoxo_chula? Nice to talk to
18) Do you have tallymatt's screenname? Yeah
19) Thoughts on godessofcorpses? She is one kick ass girl.. I mean REALLY kicks ass.. and she knows her shit too.
20) What is xaoswolf's favorite movie? Beats me.
21) One thing you can't stand about kikamer? I like her.. no problems...
22) Do you have a crush on babygirl42399? Not a crush.. she is the one person I have always been in love with for.. what.. 7 years now or something like that?
23) Are xaoswolf and jiltedqueen married? Nope
24) What mental disorder does fgcusabre remind you of? hmmm.. he has his head on straight.. no clue...
25) juuudddyyy's hair color? Black
26) What languages does gimpie speak? English, and I forget the other one..
27) Which of your friends should mlnkitty2 go out with? Jimmy
28) What is coconutpatty allergic to? ???
29) If maereth and menina_jess were spliced together, what would be its name? lol.. Jess.. hehehe same name!
30) Does bubblezgirly know xoxo_chula? Nope
31) If tiffrobyn had a superpower, what would it be? invisibility
32) If blackrose48 were hanging off a cliff, what would thenadalady do? save her of course
33) How would nighthawkal conquer the world? become president!! hehe
34) Is dyonia introverted or extroverted? she is a mixture depending on the situation
35) Is nina_asha related to you? you kidding me? My gene pool is not THAT good looking...
36) If bunny_of_steele took over the world, who would be happy? Everyone!
37) What is xoxo_chula's favorite band/artist? I dunno
38) Does makilou smoke? No?
39) What would glittergabba think of wandamae? She would like her
40) Is babygirl42399 a nerd? Not really
41) What do you disagree with makilou about? nothing
42) Are xaoswolf and litchick going steady? Nope
43) Does xaoswolf have a crush on raine135? He would if he knew her.
44) Do you think xoxo_chula is hot? Sure
45) Is kikamer a high school student? No
46) How many monkeys could spydrei fight at once and win against? All the monkeys in the world!
47) Is spydrei single? Yes?
48) What color should wandamae dye their hair? Hmmm.. Hot pink :-D
49) Is adelphian a college student? No
50) How long have you known _sweetmisery_? I dunno.. few years...
51) Have you flirted with suicidekitty911? Oh yeah
52) When did you last call jiltedqueen? I don't believe I ever have.
53) What animal should persiphany be combined with? Hmmm.. a tiger ;-)
54) Would xaoswolf and doozer456 look good together? Eh, I think he better stick with raine135 :-D
55) Would you wrestle nina_asha in jello? Would I? Sure would.. Paul might get jealous though...
56) Are nighthawkal and italianangel78 going out? Nope
57) If adelphian was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? I dunno
58) Is mightymegs2000 athletic? hahaha
59) What flavor of jello would skeye19 be? Cherry?
60) Where would kardiastar most like to visit? Hmmm.. europe
61) Is maereth in a relationship? Yes
62) What would babygirl42399 give xaoswolf for his/her birthday? I dunno.. a smile and a card..
63) Does adelphian go to your school? No
64) How would raine135 kill doozer456? LOL.. TRUST me.. Doozer would be having none of that shit.
65) Have you ever dated skeye19? Yeah
66) Where was xoxo_chula born? buffalo?
67) Is italianangel78 related to prncsssarah79? No
68) Where did you first meet tiffrobyn? On here
69) What is italianangel78's shoe size? I dunno.. 7?
70) Is xoxo_chula friends with afrodite79? No, don't think so
71) Does babygirl42399 do drugs? Nope, she is a perfect angel :-D
72) xoxo_chula's eye color? blue
73) Would xaoswolf and alexis_wa make a good couple? Hmmm.. possibly
74) How tall is wandamae? 5'8?
75) What comic book character would raine135 be? I dunno the name of her..
76) Did cate1130 break up with you? Kinda along story.. got a couple years?
77) What word best describes mlnkitty2? Great!
78) If juuudddyyy and alexis_wa were siamese twins, where would they be joined? hmm.. that'd be interesting
79) Would you set up fgcusabre and litchick? No.. don't think that Gina would break the vow of marriage and I don't think jimmy would get in the middle of it either...
80) What is italianangel78's biggest flaw? Thinking about negative things too much
81) Which president would soul_incognito be likely to idolize? I dunno... clinton??
82) What do you agree with glittergabba about? our stance on abortion.
83) Does somethingumist have a big secret? oh yeah.. but I won't ever tell!!
84) Has juuudddyyy dyed their hair? Yup
85) Does spydrei drink? Anything
86) What would you do if suicidekitty911 died? Cry
87) Has cate1130 been to your house/dorm? no :-(
88) Is wandamae popular? Sure
89) What animal does mightymegs2000 remind you of? hehe cat
90) If prncsssarah79 and godessofcorpses were spliced together, what would it be like? it would be interesting.. dunno if Sarah would like the embalming work.. lol
91) Could you see xaoswolf and barefoot_diva together? Sure
92) What is wandamae's favorite food? I dunno..
93) If alexis_wa took over the world, who would suffer? no one
94) Would godessofcorpses be a better ninja or pirate? pirate
95) Would nighthawkal go out with alexis_wa? I dunno.. ask him..
96) Would you ever date suicidekitty911? Yeah.. well.. not anymore.. she is married.. what is up with everyone getting fucking married?
97) What video game does mightymegs2000 remind you of? I dunno
98) Where was suicidekitty911 born? shit.. i used to know this...
99) What is duendeoflorien's favorite game? Anything harry potter
100) If soul_incognito commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? everyone under her.

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(no subject)

from: spydrei
date: Sep. 7th, 2005 12:32 am (UTC)

lol :)

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