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now onto my boring ass day

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Jul. 27th, 2002 | 07:37 pm
mood: blahblah
music: trying to find something sad... getting into "that" mood :-(

Now I can tell you about my boring ass day :-)
I did nothing...
ok, thats it.. hehe
naw, i'll write more.. it's good excersize for my fingers :-P
I woke up prolly around 9:30 or so... Read the paper and talked to mom and dad a little.. They were fighting about losing money at Atlantic City (no shit, thats what casinos are for!)
Then went and vacuumed the pool and jumped in to cool off a little...
I talked to "J" briefly last night... As much as I would love something to happen between her and I.. I think I am going to just keep it at friends for right now... I know that I COULD love her... And I do love her.. but not in the romantic way right now... I love talking to her and I know I would love spending time with her... The main problem that I would see with anything happening between her and I is the distance... She can't move out of her county without taking Jacinda's father to court... And Chad is a fucking idiot and would try and fight it... I know that she would win.. but it is the stress involved with it that I think she dosen't want to go through...
I mean.. I have offered a place to stay up here... Offered to get her a job and everything.. But, she likes it down there.. Kinda sucks, but, it's a typical way for how my life goes...

This girl names Stacey started talking to me the other day... She's really nice and has a lot of the same interests as me (other than music taste) and speaks japanese :-)
But, I'm not putting that much faith into it.. Chances are, she won't be my type.. either that or i'll talk to her too long and i'll become "too good a friend"... fucking line.. I hate it...

Earlier today I had this guy IM me and go off on me for "making fun at the way his friend looks"... I laughed (figuring it was a joke) and he was like.. I'm serious.. and went on and on... I know who he is talking about... She was a big girl... but I never said anything to her about it... In fact I think I told her that she had a nice smile.. she said thank you and we went on talking...
She disappeared (till today) so I figured she got another name or whatever... No big deal.. it was just someone I talked to every now and then from freaking texas...
I couldn't believe it.. I was like.. I have NEVER and would NEVER make fun or poke fun at ANYONE about their weight when I know what they look like etc... How could I? I'm big myself... So I went on for a while about how he has got the wrong person and stuff then just put them on block.. cause, honestly, I don't need that shit.. I hate being accused of things that I would never do like that...
augh.. that was the only thing (next to mom and dad fighting like crazy) that got to me today...
Well.. I'm gonna get going.. find something to eat.. maybe talk to a few people...
Laura is getting off so I won't be able to talk to her.. I miss talking to her though.. I hope Indy is going good for her :-) and right now, other than Steph (who is playing a game).. No one is online.. well.. people are online but they are all away...
It's gonna be a boring night... Cause I am not doing anything and I am bored.. which means i am gonna most likely be on here most the night..
I'm tired of rambling... I love this journal.. I can just ramble and ramble and really not give a fuck what anyone says cause it is MY journal..
although, I do welcome and look forward to comments left by different people... as long as i know who they are :-)

i'll most likely write again tonight.. cause i will be bored :-)

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Comments {2}

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from: ophelia_speaks
date: Jul. 29th, 2002 08:49 am (UTC)

I am enjoying it, thank you. =) When I got offline with you, we went into downtown and went to an independent bookstore with all these activism type books and then we went into this store called Outward Bound. Guess what kind of books they sold? :) :X

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from: shoshiki
date: Jul. 29th, 2002 08:10 pm (UTC)

I bet ya you liked that store ;-)

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