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Feb. 22nd, 2004 | 01:35 pm

Ahhhhh.. Just 5 more months till Dead Like Me is back on Showtime :-D

I'll leave you with a couple classic quotes...

"I excel at not giving a shit." --George

"It landed on my wank. My wank has the key." --Mason

"It's like Clue. Graveling in the bank lobby with a banana peel." --George

"Have you thought about having a wank? I saw a dirty movie about a girl who had a wank. She looked like a boy with fake tits." --Mason

George: So, what's next? Onward and upward?
Rube: Onward. Not upward. No Pearly Gates for you. No choir of angels either.
George: You dick, you are sending me to hell?
Rube: Don't flatter yourself. You're not that interesting.

"I never ever get a break. *sobbing on bed as George appears* My mother abandoned me. My father... was never a father. Never really had a real home or even a place I felt like I belonged. Why can't I belong? Why can't you accept me? I just want you to... hold me. This life has been a collection of disappointments and... heartache. *weeps increase* END SCENE!" --Daisy

George: *stands outside her bathroom* I have a job. What do you do?
Daisy: *opens the bathroom door and thinks* Today, I'm going to buy the New York Times since you obviously don't have it delivered and then I'm going to sit at that little shop in the corner, have a green tea and a muffin and then I will look for a sweater set. This afternoon, if so obligated I am going to collect someone's soul before they die and if I look really pretty while doing it... GOOD FOR ME, THAT'S WHY I DO IT, GEORGIA! *slams bathroom door on George*

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