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(no subject)

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Nov. 29th, 2003 | 04:52 am

OK... People... I found a new fun thing to do...

www.bingoworkz.com (or Click here for it to open in a new window)

go there, sign up for an account... deposit a couple bucks... play some games... It's pretty fun and they give you free money to play with like.. all the time!!!

When you sign up, let me know so that I can say that I referred you... Cause then I win by saying I got you to sign up and you win when you get your Bingos!!!

so.. go check it out!!!

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Kimberly Ann

(no subject)

from: kimberlyann13
date: Dec. 6th, 2003 03:39 am (UTC)

So you know, I have made a new journal, if you would like to be added, let me know. Thanks.


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