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She Ate A Bird?

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Jul. 25th, 2002 | 10:23 pm
mood: flirtyflirty
music: Private Eye!!

Oh.. what a day... Slept in... As you saw from my last post.. Really didn't have anything to do today.. All I had to really do work wise was stop off at a Dr's office to pick up a DC... Then I went in to the office to type ot out and everything... The mortgage company called me and let me know that they want a check for $275 for an apprisal... What a fucking rip-off... I am paying a guy to come in and say that my house is worth 37,000... No shit sherlock.. It's actually worth 60,000... But they won't say that cause then the bank won't be able to get their PMI and shit... GRRRRRRR... Anyways... Yeah, so I pay the guy to some and look at the house so that he can turn around and tell the bank that it is worth what I am getting the mortgage for...
So.. yeah, guess I'll go down and give them a check tomorrow... Why not, it's only money... What the heck do I need that for? HA!
After that I came home and did nothing till later this evening...
My parents are in Atlantic City and my father wanted me to take care of washing his limos when they came back from the jobs today... It wasn't dirty.. so it took me like 5 minutes to clean :-)
I love work like that..
Then I came home and let Smokey (Smokey is my dog) out in the backyard... She was sniffing around some bushes and startled a bird (which went crashing into our back room window)... And then fell onto the ground where Smokey was ready to eat it...
Well.. she would have ate it... She still killed it... (poor bird :-()... I tried getting her away drom it but she took it in her mouth and started trying to play "keep away" with me like it was a toy...
Eh, bird should have known better than fly into a window... hehe (no, i'm not into animal cruelty)
Then I took smokey for a walk (did the whole mile again) :-)
and came home... Forgot about dinner.. but, I wasn't aboutt o eat at 9:30... too late... So I'll just drink a bunch of water and i'll be fine :-)
well.. i think this is long enough for tonight...
Hope to actually see a comment... this is geting depressing.. begining to feel like i have no friends that care to read this stuff :-(
so.. yeah
see ya!

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Comments {2}

Here you go, you have a friend!

from: anonymous
date: Jul. 25th, 2002 08:39 pm (UTC)

Yes, that poor bird! However, Smokey is still a great dog! You need to make sure you don't forget to eat! Eating healthy, well balanced meals is important. What is it like to have a relaxing day? By the way, you never did explain the reason why you smoke. I would like to hear that. Thanks for your help today with the band! I hope your life is more exciting tomorrow!

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