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Jun. 13th, 2003 | 12:50 pm

Saturday, June 14th, the Private Eye will be in Sylvan Beach at Yesterday's Royal. Yesterday's Royal is on Canal Street, right across from the midway. Yesterday's Royal also has a full menu restaurant along with an ice-cream counter. So come on out for a later dinner and then head on over to the bar for some drinks and some great dance music!! Show starts at 9:30 P.M..

On Friday, June 20th, the Private Eye will be back at Trapper's Pizza Pub in East Syracuse. Trapper's is on Butternut Drive off of Rt. 290. Trapper's is located across from the DPW garage. Show starts early, 7P.M. *** June 21st, the Private Eye will be at the Beginnings II. Beginnings II is located on Rt. 290 in East Syracuse. Private Eye will begin at 9:30.

damn I wish I was dating someone... 20th and the 21st... I just may go to both... Depending on my schedule!!

Trappers is pretty cool.. they havea nice set up for them... As for the begining... I have never been there when they had a full band set up, so we will see!!

Who is around Syracuse and would want to go?

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(no subject)

from: fgcusabre
date: Jun. 13th, 2003 12:00 pm (UTC)

hehe...what type of music do they play? like whatsa song of Kazaa i can download?

I have been listening to a band called Lucky Boys Confussion lately. Fred Astaire and Dumb Pop Song are my favorites. Caddy is pretty cool too. OK I like the entire CD. Try to Download a song or two.

Marsha was the one that burned me two of their CD's. I am gonna go to a concert in Miami on July 5th prob with her. woohoo.

PS: sorry about the ims...I did not talk to ya...but blah...stupid hackers.

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