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Jun. 1st, 2003 | 11:25 pm

OK.. so I thought the finale was pretty damn good..
The way that they painted the afterlife though was kinda... weird... how it is like that everyday?

All I have to say is that theFishers have some vivid imaginations...

I thought it was nice how they brought Gabe back like that so that Claire could say goodbye... and the same thing with Lisa.. how she said she would take care of "him" (the baby Claire aborted) if Claire will take care of Mya for her.

I like the way that David and Keith ended up together in the end.. i think they belong together.. through all the problems they have, it is a good relationship in the end....

Ruth and George... ok.. that is jut weird.. I thought it was weird enough with the intern.. but this guy? That marriage will last a whole 4 or 5 episodes next year...

Nate... Yup, he is going to go back to brenda.. we all knew that was going to happen though!
I don't like how they make him out to be kinda.. out of it.. I would htink that he would be able to deal with much more.. him being a funeral director and all..
I DO however like the fact that Brenda isn't as much of a crazy psycho as she used to be... she seems a little more down to earth.. I think her and Nate might be able to make a go at things next year if she remains the same and keeps her legs closed for her neighbors and shit...

Rico... What am I going to say.. it was bound to happen man!.. The poor guy works his ass off and comes home to his wife and gets no respect.. All he gets is bullshit from his wife's sister about how he should do this and that...
I don't blame him for walking out.. and I think he got his eyes opened to the fact that there are other people out there.. I'd be curious to see if his marriage remains intact..

His wife on the other hand... fuck her... she knows he hates her sister.. she knows it is driving him crazy.. how can you tell him that you won't back him up if he kicks her out of BOTH OF YOURs house... She was there for you to help her out for a little bit.. not to fucking live there and mess up your life!

So... I totally thought we would see russell dying in this episode.. what happened with him???

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