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Jul. 24th, 2002 | 01:13 pm
mood: awake
music: Movie.. John Q

well... Good morning!! hehe, I know.. it's 1 in the afternoon... but, morning here :-D
I just woke up (no, I am not being lazy)... I went to bed at... god... we talked for a long time last night... I went to bed at at least 2 this morning... Cause after I got off this I went and called... You know, we are going to call her X.. no.. not X cause it is too much like EX... We are going to call her J... Cause J is a good letter :-D
Now where was I... after I got off I went and called J...well..J called me for a cigarette before we went to bed (we were both tired)... We talked about... feelings.. on here for hours... went back and forth and basically put everything out on the table... she knows how i feel and i know how she feels... But on the phone we don't talk about it... Which is partly my fault... I'm too nervous to bring it up... And I am sure she is too... It's kinda sweet actually :-)
Well.. after going to bed at 2.. I got called into do some work at 4... Got home from doing that at like 8 or so... and then went back to bed till now :-)
So, yes, I got up at 1 in the afternoon, but i'm not lazy cause i made my money for the day :-P
Well... I'm gonna go and find something to eat... Prolly have a salad or something...
Soooo ya'll comment now ya hear?

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