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What a day :-)

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Jul. 24th, 2002 | 01:28 am
mood: ecstaticecstatic

OK... Today was a day that.. well.. kicked some major ass! hehe
First I got my mortgage... Then the Ticket... And finally... and this was actually kinda surprising... and it made me so happy.... well... you can just see for yourself... I'm not naming names to protect the innocent... but, she is number 1 in my books :-)
just reading that response that she left for me... it made me smile.. and then talking in more detail about it?
made me smile even more...
and it made me smile for 2 reasons... Number one being that someone looks to me for advice in that capacity.. and respects what i have to say and my opnions that much... and Number two because if it wern't for certain people messing with her head for a long period of time... She wouldn't be so afraid to love... well.. thats not what made me smile.. what made me smile about that comment is that I really didn't say anything about "love".. Which means it must have been somewhere in the unconsious (sp) mind of hers... or she just thought thats what I was implying... (I like the unconsious mind theory best though... more promising :-))
She is scared to love someone else... SO I have decided that I will take a different approach... I want to maintain the friendship.. so if this approach dosen't work, then the friendship will not be lost... it will jsut be strengthened...
But, I am simply going to try and move this to an offline relationship.. in jsut the same way it is.. as friends at first... and then after a little bit I'll be more able to bring other things into it... I can't and she would not be able to say the "L" word over the internet... especially not after being hurt as bad as she has been.. and same for me... so, a friendship that has strong roots already that may possibly be able to work into more is my approcah... I have to show her that it is ok to love... because not everyone is out to damage that love she has...
so, people... let me know what you think of this "strategy"... I think it should be fine.. but, i'm always open to people telling me i am crazy (makes me know i am prolly right... hehe)
i'm gonna head off to bed soon... maybe make a phone call..

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