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(no subject)

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Apr. 10th, 2003 | 10:28 pm

Copy of the letter that I sent to TimeWarner cause of a problem with Roadrunner....

Hello, I contacted the customer support team and they told me to e-mail you.
I have someone in Japan who has tried to e-mail me and he is always getting an error message from Roadrunner saying that the mail is refused.
I do not have any e-mail addresses that I am refusing mail from and I was told that the security department blocks e-mail addresses for "our safety".
The e-mail address I am having problems with is:
It allows me to send mail to him but he is not able to send e-mail back and has faxed copies of the error message to me.
Just to be safe though, I am including a list of other foreign e-mail addresses that I have sent mail to that I have not heard a response from yet (hopefully not due to the ridiculous "security" issues that were never told to me:
Can you please make sure that e-mail from these address is able to be delivered as well?

I am VERY disappointed in Time Warner's practice of refusing e-mail from people from overseas. I never asked for this and do not want this "security" on my account.
Please inform me when this has been cleared up so that I may contact the people who have been affected.
Thank you,
--Donald C. Lough Jr.

(the error message:
reason: 550 5.7.1 Mail Refused - 202.229.34 - See http://security.rr.com/mail_blocks.htm#security - 20030302

----Transcript of session as follows----
...While talking to nymx01.mgw.rr.com.:
>>>Mail from: eilyama@land.hokuriku.ne.jp
<<<550.5.7.1 Mail Refused - 202.229.34 - See
http://security.rr.com/mail_blocks.htm#security - 20030302
554 5.0.0 Service Unavailable)


This response is specifically tailored to answer as many questions as
possible about e-mail which may not be getting through to you. If this
e-mail does not specifically answer your question, please feel free to
contact us at spamblock@security.rr.com.

Road Runner, in response to the ongoing (and increasing) amount of incoming
spam complaints from our customers and our affiliates, has recently
implemented additional resources to stem the tide of incoming spam
(Unsolicited Commercial or Bulk E-mail). Road Runner has been using a
limited form of localized blocking lists since Road Runner's inception, and
this is simply an extension of that policy, designed to alleviate the
ever-growing issue of incoming abusive spam attacks on our mail
infrastructure. The enormous amounts of incoming spam were affecting Road
Runner's ability to provide our customers with quality and consistent
service levels, and we were forced to take proactive steps to address this

With these solutions, if someone sends an e-mail message and the sender's
IP address or SMTP (mail) server is on one of these lists, then the
incoming e-mail is blocked. The introduction of this tool may result in the
inadvertent blocking of some e-mail that is not traditional spam.

The lists which are currently in use are the MAPS Realtime Blackhole List
(http://mail-abuse.org/rbl), the MAPS Relay Spam Stopper
(http://mail-abuse.org/rss), and the MAPS Dialup User List
(http://mail-abuse.org/dul). These three lists, coupled with a nationally
maintained block list, will filter all inbound SMTP (e-mail) traffic. If an
incoming e-mail is denied, a system message is sent back to the sender,
advising them that they should visit one of the web pages listed above, or
our local web page, to receive information on why the message was refused.

Road Runner subscribes to the MAPS RBL lists because they help us to decide
whether we want to accept or reject email from a given source. This is a
decision which is made here at Road Runner; MAPS does not make this
decision for us. The MAPS lists do not block email - all they does is tell
us which IP addresses are suspect in their mailing practices. It is up to
us, Road Runner, to decide whether or not to block email from an IP address
listed in the MAPS lists. Road Runner has the ultimate ability, in all
cases, to make the final determination, as well as technical ability, to
choose whether or not to accept e-mail from any Internet entity, including
those listed in the MAPS RBL, RSS, and DUL.

Road Runner uses the information in the MAPS lists to block email coming
from IP addresses which abuse Internet resources by sending massive
quantities of unsolicited commercial or bulk email (commonly known as
"spam"). This helps us to keep a significant amount of unwanted commercial
e-mail from clogging our system, and assists us in solving a problem that
is negatively impacting our customers.

Road Runner also maintains a local block list, separate from the MAPS
lists. Generally, the error message is these local block lists will be
specific enough so that an ISP can contact Road Runner Security to get the
block removed. This list is used mainly in cases on immediate
denial-of-service spam attacks, as an immediate reactive measure to stop an
incoming spam attack. We will work with the ISP involved to address each

In order for those entities who are currently on one of the MAPS lists to
be removed, they must contact MAPS directly. Depending on the type of
block, this can be either via telephone, or via the MAPS home page. In most
cases, a system that is on one of the MAPS lists is easily removed,
following some simple steps. If you would like to know if a mail server is
located on the MAPS lists, you can visit

Thank you for contacting Road Runner



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(no subject)

from: fgcusabre
date: Apr. 10th, 2003 11:14 pm (UTC)

eek...that sucks...i agree...they should not block it....but if that company has no security and high levels of spam...maybe cause they dont check peoples registration codes and such...that i can see why i guess...

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