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Apr. 7th, 2003 | 03:03 am

I was just reviewed by agentlizzle in ljreview!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the review!!!!

WRITTEN REVIEW (Should be at least a paragraph.. 3 to 5 sentences)
1) What are your first impressions of the journal? What did you like? Not like? How do you think things could be improved? Overall what did you think of the journal?

The first thing I noticed was the really interesting oriental dragon at the top of the page. Initially that's the only thing you can see, because it takes up the whole space. It's very cool, and that's saying a lot coming from me, because I hate the color purple. The customization is obviously in the works as the "don needs to put things here don needs to put things here" indicates in the upper left hand corner, but it is looking great so far. Overall it looks nice, but the excessive puncuation and such is a bit intimidating. Seems like a bit of a work in progress. However, as I went on, I became very impressed by the content of his journal. Definitely great.

User Info (8 points) 2 points each
1. Can you contact the user easily? Do they have email? Messenger services? A website?
Yup, definitely. 2 pts.
2. Are interests listed? A fully 150! 2 pts.
3. Do they have user pictures? Enough, too few? He has 8, which is a lot, but he's a paid user and your'e allowed to have 10. Not particularly varied. 1.5 pts.
4. Do the pictures reflect the user, are creative, original? Do they keep with the style of the journal? They definitely reflect the user. Very fun, but could use a little variety. 1.5 pts.

User Info ____ of 8 points
8- Excellent
5-7 Good --7 pts total.
2-4 fair
0-1 Poor

User Info comments/suggestions:

Looks good to me!

Biography (4 Points)
Does the biography tell about the user?
Definitely. Has some basic information about the user, as well as some fun links. 3.5 pts.

Biography ____ of 4 Points
4- Excellent
3- Good --3.5 pts total.
2 Fair
1 Poor
0 This user does not have a Biography

Biography comments/suggestions:

Hrm, maybe drop a little of the drama about the immaturity of people, and just mention that it's friends only? Talk more about yourself, and not silly people. Overall, though, very nice. Very informative. :)

Journal (30 points) 6 points each
1. Do they post frequently? Are there large gaps between posts? If so do they give explanations why?
Seems to post almost everyday.. Nice! 6 pts.
2. Is the journal overall grammatically correct? Is the spelling, capitalization, punctuation good? Is it easy to read? Like most people on LiveJournal, he doesn't really adhere to strict puncuation and capitalization. However, unlike many people on LiveJournal, his writing is readable, and the spelling is pretty darned accurate most of the time. He certainly is a fan of ellipses, though. Nothing wrong with that. I like them myself, a lot. 4 pts.
3. Depth of posts: Do the posts have much substance to them? Do their posts consist of a good length or are they brief? Do the posts make you want to continue reading the journal? Definitely. He goes into great depth about most of the things he writes, so I can pick up and read an entry on its own and follow it very well. 6 pts.
4. Do posts flow well or is it difficult to follow their train of thought in journal entries? Not hard at all. 6 pts.
5. Do the posts have overall variety? Do they stay on one subject or write about various things/events? Do they post pictures, links, quizzes or polls, if they do are they hidden by the lj-cut tags? Does that make up a major part of the journal or is there a balance between those things and written entries? Quizzes links and polls should be kept to a minimum and the lj cut tags should be used to cover them? Yup! His posts are varied. Most are long, but they vary in what kinds of entries they are. There are serious ones, which are quite revealing and enjoyable. There are some where he's paying homage to his fellow LJers. There are others that are just silly fun entries. And then there are some that are just interesting and informative. Definitely not monotonous at all. 5.5.

Journal ___ of 30 points
30 Excellent journal. Highly recommended!
22-29 Good journal. Great read. Recommended. --27.5 pts total.
15-21 Fair journal. Good read, could use some changes.
8-14 Below average journal. Needs improvements.
0-7 Poor journal. Immediate improvements highly recommended.

Journal comments/suggestions:

Not too much to recommend. I'm a total stickler for grammar, so don't worry about that too much. Talk more about your thoughts and such. You do a lot already, but it's very interesting.

Style (8 points)
Is the journal customized with a color scheme other then the standard lj settings? Are links customized? Is the design of the journal appealing? Does it go together? Is the journal friends only or public? Are comments enabled? If so can anyone post comments?
Definitely customized. Seems to be a work in progress, as mentioned before, but it's super, so far. It is appealing, but maybe fix that blob of text in the upper right, and change the font? I'm not sure if the font matches the scheme. Maybe the Georgia font? It's friends only journal. Comments are always enabled it seems, and the comment links are customized, so two thumbs up for that. Seems that anyone can comment, if the entries are public. Otherwise, anyone can. 7.5 pts.

Style__ of 8 points
8- Excellent design/customization.
-- 7.5 pts total.
5-7 Good style.
2-4 Average style. Could use some minor customization.
0-2 Fair to poor style. Changes recommended.
Style comments/suggestions:

Total ___ (of 50 points)
50- Perfect!
45-49 - A - Great Journal! Highly recommended! --45.5 pts total! Yay! :D
40-44 - B - Good journal. Recommended.
35-39 - C - Average journal.
30-34 - D - Below average journal. Needs mild improvement.
0- 30 - F - Poor journal. Improvements highly recommended.

LiveJournal Activity Status *****5 stars (*1 star each)
1. Are they a member of any communities?
2. Do they post comments to other journals? Yes.
3. Do they post close to or equivalent of the amount of comments they receive? Pretty close. You can only be so equal, heh.
4. Are they a paid user or show support of lj in other ways (help out in LJ support)? Yup! Permanent account.
5. Do they have friends listed? Yup!

***** Highly active and supportive member of Livejournal

**** Active and supportive member of Livejournal
*** Moderately active proud member of Livejournal
** Somewhat active member of Livejournal
* Main focus on their journal. Small participation within Livejournal.
0 Does not take advantage of the features Livejournal has to offer

WHOO HOO!!!! :-D

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