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Tired Don

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Aug. 18th, 2002 | 11:23 pm

Well.. guess what i did today?
nothing really special...
HAD to be at a MANDATORY meeting for all State Fair workers at 10 AM this morning...
Thats was a crock of shit...
Had to listen to this guy talk about NOTHING that had to do with my job...
My job is to stand on the floor of the grandstand and be an usher.. Show people where their tickets are and bring them to their seats...
Oh.. and watch the show ;-)
So.. From this Thursday and for the next 10 days after that.. I wil be working on the floor at the grandstand everynight...
COOL! hehe
So.. if ya got tickets to a concert.. let me know.. I just MIGHT be able to do something for ya ;-)
Well.. I have a funeral tomorrow... so theres some money.. makes up for having to turn one down on Tuesday cause my girl is leaving for hungary :-)
Anyways... I am gonna give more attention to a couple friends who are IM'ing me right now...
YAY! a certain someone is back in Syracuse now.. so.. there is a good possibility that in the next couple of months or so we might be able to get together!
hey, she is busy.. i'm busy... gotta have all the planets and the moon line up so that we are both available at the same time :-)
Heck... we'll be able to go out.. maybe a dinner and a movie.. Or maybe just the dinner before someone will die and ruin it all for me (yeah, way to think, don...)
anyways... now I have something to look forward to... :-D
Not like I know if she would want to go or anything.. I'll just look forward to it and hope she will want to when the times comes :-)
OK I'll stop writing about her now cause I know she is gonna read it and be all blushing and stuff... :-)
A blushing Hic-cuping girl... theres a sight you don't se everyday :-)

OK.. I'm gonna wait for the lotto numbers.. and then prolly go to bed fairly early tonight.. cause I have to be at the FH at 8:30 tomorrow morning...

I'll write more tomorrow night!!!!

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