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Aug. 18th, 2002 | 02:07 am
mood: naughtynaughty
music: i've never been naughty before ;-)

Not much to write...
I didn't go to any of the parties :-/
Just didn't eel like it..
My grandmother was up from Corning today with my Aunt...
And her, my Aunt, my Cousin and a girl who lives near my aunt came over and we were in the pool ALL day...
So I am more burnt :-) gotta love it :-)
Oh, I also went and saw the girl who is going to Argentina off :-)
She was really excited to go :-) no tears from her, her parents or her brother :-)
She will have a great year.. I am sure of that...

I found out what concerts I am working.. and so far I am working everything but Kenny Chesney (that is gonna change if I have any say :-D)
So.. I'll be one of the guys on the floor... :-)
I love it.. they are going to pay me to be on the floor (as an user) and watching the show...

So.. thats it.. no other news tonight...
I'm talking to a new friend now... Cool person :-)
SMILE! and.. yes.. Oboes are better than flutes ;-)

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