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Non Eventful :-/

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Aug. 15th, 2002 | 03:24 pm
mood: flirtyflirty
music: the drone of the AC

Well.. I can honestly say that I managed to do NOTHING all day :-D
Well.. I made a couple phone calls...
One to my lawyer to have him write the sellers attorney a letter about a washer and dryer in the house that we do not want...
And another to try and get a host family for a boy who is coming to our rotary club from Argentina...
But that was bout it.. Other than an e-mail from Amanda...
I read too far into/took what she said the wrong way..
She meant as a friend... Which is fine... I'm actually kinda glad that I didn't shrug it off as that, cause I learned a little bit about myself...
The thought of anything more than a friendship with her (because she is an ex) had never crossed my mind until she said that... So, now I know that I would be able to do that if the chance arised..
Something I didn't know :-)
But, as far as I know.. things can go back tot he way they were and we can go on as friends... I told her though, that if something changes.. and I am not with anyone... let me know.. cause chances are, the feelings will still be there..

OK.. I'm getting paged.. so I will be back around later!

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