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Aug. 13th, 2002 | 11:30 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: NBC

Howdy ya'll!
Well.. I got a call at 2 or so from a funeral director in "boonville" (don't ask.. I have NO CLUE where it is.. or how he found me)... And he wanted to know if I would go and get a DC signed and drive it to Rome... Now, Rome is normally about an hour from here... plus getting the Dr to sign usually takes about 30 minutes and I had to be somewhere 45 minutes away (in the other direction of Rome) at 6....
so do the math... and keep in mind that I got to Moravia (the place I had to be at 6) at 5:30...
hehe.. yeah, I made REEEEEEALLLY good time.. hehe

My girl going to Hungary is ALL SET... She is prepped and ready to go next Tuesday :-)
Heck, she would be ready to go right now (if it wern't for the fact that she has to pack :-D)

Hopefully I will be hearing soon about the girl coming in from Italy and the girl going out to Italy's status...

When I got back from dinner tonight.. there was an IM from Amanda (my ex)... And it said "I hope everything is going good with you.... I do love you".... I don't know how to really take that... It could mean as a friend... or it could be more...
I can honestly say that I would not mind it being more... She is a great person... But she wants to move to NOVA (northern Virginia for those of you not in the know...)... And I am set here in Syracuse... I just bought a house and I am starting a business and I am now very involved in the Rotary District...
So, I im'd her back saying that it was a surprise that brought a smile to my face and that I feel the same... Love you....
Cause, regardless of which way I was supposed to take it, I feel the same...
I would not be in opposition to a rekindled relationship with her... The fact that I honestly do not know why or what I was thinking when I broke up with her means one thing... It must not have been anything major or anything.. cause I would remember it...
So, I'm gonna send her an e-mail and stuff... Maybe try to get together with her...
We haven't been to dinner in a couple weeks.. so we are overdue for a night together :-)
Either that or we'll be spending the day together at the fair hehe :-D

Anyways... Tomorrow I have nothing scheduled so far... so hopefully it will become a busy day :-)

Well... thats it for tonight! i'll write more when something happens in my life! :-D

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remember me?

from: girliewpay
date: Aug. 13th, 2002 11:18 pm (UTC)

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