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ooo interesting day so far :-D

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Aug. 12th, 2002 | 04:51 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: CMT

Well... Interesting day so far!!!!
This morning I went in to work and did a funeral.. then came home.. But before I got home I got a clal from the mortgage company... she said "Congratulations homeowner!"
She got the approval to close on my house!!!!!!!
So I called my lawyer and we are working to have the closing on next Wednesday...
I'm so excited!!!
Tonight I am doing an orientation...
It's an orientation for host parents and youth exchange officers... Not really sure what I am doing there.. But hopefully I will be of some help (duh! I know I will! ;-))
anyways... It's like RIGHT next to the casino... So this is a test.. a test to see if I stray from getting right back on the highway after it is done...
I'll let you know if I passed the test later... (wish me luck! I hope I hope I hope I pass it!)
So.. thats that.. no other news that I can think of...
I'm off... Gotta go and change into some purty lookin clothes (other than my bathing suit and a t-shirt) and get on the road!
I'll write more tonight!

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