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My personality

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Jul. 23rd, 2002 | 03:31 pm
mood: stressedstressed

Well.. Yesterday it was hot as hell so I decided that I was not going to go outside unless it was absolutelly necessary... I did a pretty good job at doing that too :-)
So I spent the better part of the day taking thse personality tests and trying to find out what personality type I am..
It seems that I am a INFP type personality.. which stands for: Intraverted, iNtuative, Feeling , Perceiving.
Which makes my primary focus on Introverted Feeling with Extraverted Intuition.
Now... This is me we are talking about.. I looked at that and while I know what the words mean.. it meant nothing to me.. so I did a LOT of reading on what type of personality INFP really is and I found that the personality type hits me right on the head!
There was a quote from this webpage....http://utopia.knoware.nl/users/veldman/frans/english/infp.htm .... that explained a lot about why I am always in search of the girl of my dreams (i guess that is a way of putting it).. and why I am.. well.. Why I am usually depressed (yes, it's true.. but no one really can see it or knows that I am..)
here is that quote:
"The search for a soulmate is a preoccupation for many INFPs , who must balance their need for privacy and peace with their yearning for human connection. If there seems to be an air of sadness in the INFP's spirit, blame it on this type's longing for the perfect in all things."
Yeah.. that webpage pretty much summed up what the personality type is and.. well.. hit my personality right on the head...
The main thing (other than knowing now that I am not nuts) that I gained from this is knowing that my work as a funeral director is exactly the type of work that suits an INFP... My personality type is what can be considered a "healer" and.. well.. thats what I do... I help people get through that tought time in their lives... So I was happy to know that the career path that I chose to go down was the right one for me... I most likely would not have succeeded as much as I am now had I gone to GW and graduated with an Internationsl Relations degree... Having a job at the Dept of State would prolly not have been the best thing for me...

In other news... Worked this morning and then had a rotary meeting this afternoon... Not much exciting about any of that... I'm looking forward to the 7th of August.. It's the night that the rotary club puts on a dinner and invitrts all of the returned exchange students to come and give a short speech about their year abroad... It usually goes on for at least 3 hours (because there are 35 exchange students).. And it brings back great memories of my year abroad in Japan... So you can bet that there will be a long journal entry that night :-)
Tonight I have court for a ticket that I got back in May.. I pleaded not guilty cause I was wearing my seatbelt (it was a seatbelt checkpoint)... I didn't have the time to argue when they gave me the ticket cause I was workinga t the time and I had someone in the car and I had to go and pick another person up after I dropped the one in the car off...
Hopefully I'll get out of it... I have a good feeling about it, so, we'll see what happens... I'll write in here again as to the outcome of the "trial".
Thats about it... Just waiting for my court time now..
hopefully I'll start geting comments in these things.. I know people are reading these entries.. but no one is leaving comments... It's kinda disheartening actually... Makes me feel like the door that I have opened into my life for all of you reading dosen't mean all that much... does that make sense??? eh.. if it dosen't, read it 3 or 4 more times and if it still dosen't, e-mail me :-)

grrr oh, and i STILL haven't heard from the damn mortgage company... they are totally stressing me out...
if you wanted to check out your own peronality type... here is the link:

My Bloginality is INFP!!!

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